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Keya kabu traditional radish

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By Joji

Thankfully we were blessed with an opportunity to get the seeds of “Keya kabu”(Keya traditional radish) . We’ve planted the seeds under the guidance of local people.

A friend of mine, Yuko, has participated in a planting event the other day. She was kind enough to ask people who are keeping this tradition to give us some seeds, come down to our garden and gave us instructions. Also, I talked to a woman who’s been doing this work to preserve Keya kabu for 15 years and she gave us some advice and warm words.

・About “Keya kabu”

“Keya kabu” was mentioned in an official book about local crops In 1738. Having nearly 300 years of history, local people are still growing the radish and passing the seeds forward. This radish has red purple body and tender texture and has been loved by local people.

Strangely enough, it can only grow in this area. Some farmers tried outside but it didn’t grow the same.

“Keya kabu” is one of the species that are facing extinction. In the 20th century, we’ve already lost 94% of seeds and we must secure the botanical diversity.

Here at Slow Life we help grow traditional crops and preserve the species. With our hands we made little dents, put five seeds in each hole and covered them gently with soil. The most important thing was to think about the tradition and people who kept it and to plant the precious seeds with love. Yuko was blowing kisses at seeds, which we eventually did as well.

Anyway we are waiting for the sprouts to come out. May they grow healthy.