Wall Mural

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An ugly grey area of wall below the African Garden has now been brought to life by two of our volunteers.

First, we had Scott (3rd from left below), an artist from America, who came in December and painted most of our – ‘International Tree’. You should be able to tell that each fruit on the tree represents a country of one of our volunteers. So far we have 21 countries on there. Here’s the full list.

UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia, Belgium, Bulgaria, USA, South Africa, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan.

The mural contains many of the plants animals that we have on the land and in the surrounding area, such as boars, racoons, mushrooms, strawberries, bamboo, centipedes, birds, spiders, lizards and more. Thanks to Yuam (pictured below).