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Slow Life Japan

Why I Visit Slow Life Japan

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Hi, I’m Adel, a Frenchman living in Fukuoka City, and every now and then I love to stay at Slow Life Japan in Itoshima for a day or two. In return for my food and accomodation I do five hours of work on the land with other volunteers from around the world.

Telling you how much I love Itoshima and Slow-Life would be pointless. You know it’s already the case if I’m here 😀
It will be more about, from my point of view, the meaning of “Going slow-life”

It’s been almost a year since I discovered this lovely place. So far, I’m still attached to it.

I live in the center of Fukuoka near Hakata station and work there as a real estate agent. Life in town is great. Everything is close, you don’t have to do thousands of kilometers to reach what you want or need. There are mountains of places to hangout and seas of people to hangout with.

All those things that make your life easier and more convenient are great and that’s exactly why taking a break from it is a good choice. Some say that you need to lose something to realize the value of it. It can be true but I prefer to view the thing in a more positive way. Going slower gives you time to realize the value of it.

No loss, no cut, no exchange.

When I go Slow-life I don’t lose time I should spend in town.
When I go Slow-life I never totally cut from the life in town because that’s a part of me and I love that part too.
When I go Slow-Life I don’t exchange my life in town for a life in the country side.

“Going Slow-Life” means valuing your time and the time of the people around you.
“Going Slow-Life” means realizing that there’s no opposition between life in country side and life in town. Both complete each other. Taking a break from the city life in slow-life means breathing. You take a good breath here to breath better after.
“Going Slow-Life” is not about give, lost and get back. It’s about sharing. Everyone here share is time to the land and the people around and they have so much to offer! It’s quite overwhelming. Here sharing what you can offer make everything twice better. You share knowledge, happiness, moments and memories.

You just have to open your door and go Slow-Life ^^

If you would like to do the same as Adel and enjoy the Slow Life then please get in touch. We also have a guest house you can rent if you don’t want to work!