Our New Bamboo Steps

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We recently finished out spectacular bamboo steps leading up to our bamboo kitchen garden.

We used reclaimed wood from our old guest house balcony as the main support pieces, which have a wood preserve and water proof liner on the inside and a bamboo covering on the outside. The bamboo was cut from the nearby forest and is held in place by first placing two metal poles in the ground, then drilling holes in the bamboo and sliding them over the metal poles. This is a good technique as you can’t see what is holding it up. Each step is supported at the front by wooden stakes with wood preserve and each step is also connected to the next by wire under the soil to give extra support. To finish a bit of fine gravel and wood chips on top. Lovely!

After taking a pounding under the feet of the volunteers for a few weeks now they have held up well so hopefully they will last a long time.

Thanks to everyone who helped out.