Itoshima Seed Bank & Nodo Cafe

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We recently had Toshi and Kiyomi Sakamoto who run a seed bank in Itoshima visit us. For those who don’t know seeds banks are places that store and give seeds away to people who will then grow the plants and give new seeds back to the bank in return. Its a great way to keep food production local and not have to rely on buying seeds from companies. Often in seeds banks you may find rare, native and older varieties than you would not find in the shops. They brought some red broad seeds from the seed bank and helped us to plant them in our kitchen garden. Most have sprouted now and will provide a lovely ground cover over the winter before flowering in the spring to produce delicious red broad beans, which are a uncommon variety these days. Hopefully we will be successful and have enough seeds to give back to the seed bank next year.

They also run a book cafe in Itoshima, called Nodo Cafe, where you can pick a book to read, sit back and relax with a delicious beverage and snack in cosy surroundings. Details below.

Nodo Cafe

〒819-1116 福岡県糸島市前原中央3丁目18−18 2F